Venice Museum Bridge

Proposal for Ponte Dell'Accademia, Venice
Competition Entry, 2006

1. View from South Embankment

By being both a building and a bridge the project complicates any linear approach toward its
conception- either element can be adapted into the other, but the pleasure lies in a deeper
mixture of the two.

2. Elevation View from Grande Canal

The Venice Museum-Bridge channels the English critic John Ruskin, whose visitations upon
the city were recounted in his folio Sea Stories and served as an second voice in the
design process.

3. Classes of Surfaces

4. The Ideas

Ruskin's language rendered his conception of the Gothic style in ecstatic language, and this reader experienced apparitions of structures as fugues, whereby a mechanics and an organics are conceived not in opposition but together.

5. Other Views

6. Program with Axonometric

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